about us

Hello everyone, we provide dedicate servers and virtual dedicate servers on XEN and open VZ platform with free full administration service. It means that if you order vds or vps only for $10 you get full administration and you have skilled admin that have experience since 2004 year.

We have experience in setting any program support Linux (RHEL, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc), Free BSD & Windows and have huge knowledge what you need to set up third party scripts, programes ect. We will realise any clients’ demands, such as to set proxy server and vpn, set apache or nginx, ftp, traffic statistics as mrtg, and all for free. Our service’s confident and we accept paxum, ecoin, webmoney, yandex money, wire transfer, liberty reserved for our service.

We guarantee money back if you decide that we do not fit to your project, but since 2002 we give money back only once, because 99% customers are satisfied with our services. From 2002 we have more then 5000 customers, and selling thousand dedicate servers, this year we started selling virtual dedicate server on XEN platform that 100% without oversale, and extremely close to real dedicate server. We have good price Unmetered package with 100 mbs and 1 gbs.

We deal with best data centers like softlayer in USA and UK (softlayer is main our data center) that guarantee100% uptime and best support that have ever had. Also we deal with new lowcost data centers in Europe like Evosvitch Netherlands, Hetzner German, OVH France, NOC USA, and other that guarantee 99.95% uptime and offer very low price, we tested these data centers years and now can say that lowcost’ can provide good services either. Each data center has its own rules (AUP)-defferent data centers allow different issues such as legal pharmacy, adult, casino and gambling, streaming video or other, contact us via chat from our site pqcservice.net or hit ICQ or Skype, Jabber or open support ticket.

So if you need professional administration team for FREE, just order our service right now and the rest we’ll do best. Weare Professional, Quick and Confident - we are PQCservice.net - best solutions for administration and support dedicate servers and vds.

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