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Our company was founded in 2002 by two young and ambitious guys. Time passed, we continued to grow. In 2003, we established and opened a company in Wilmington, USA, with system administrators in Central and Eastern Europe. We began to manage servers as a small team, and as a result we provide dedicated servers with free support and the creation of complex software. In 2004, we purchased several hosting companies and became official Softlayer partners. Becoming a Softlayer # 1 reseller, we founded a servermatrix with dedicated servers for the gaming industry.

By the end of 2009, we already sold virtual servers and started building the Data Center in the US. In addition, we launched the creation of our equipment in the UK, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Singapore, Canada. We have been working and continue up to now only with proven branded equipment, such as Supermicro, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cissco. We started selling fully managed virtual servers, providing free administration in 24/7 mode, monitoring, migrating content, and even helping to create software. We are used to solving all the tasks and requirements of our customers by 99%, trying to surpass even this figure. The main and important feature is that these services are free, without hidden additional fees and tricks.

By 2013 our administrators are certified for Linux L1, L2 and L3. Naturally, PQC has ISO certification. Today we offer the best solutions for the client at affordable and favorable prices. We became the leaders in the field of hosting, offering the client a complete managed service for building successful activities in e-commerce. Starting from Magento to Websphere, Shopify to Oracle, our team decides and continues to implement the best technical solutions for your business.

We remind that the company RQCSERVICE provides services for customers from 30 countries! Now we work with companies from Germany, USA, Canada, Finland, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and others.

Our goal is to be closer to our customers by building business relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We do everything to ensure that each of our clients sees us as a reliable and long-term partner, who is able to satisfy any needs, starting with basic requests and ending with complex solutions.

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