This policy sets out general and specific information about the use of PQCservice llc Infrastructure. Clients of the PQCservice llc company are prohibited to transfer any materials and services to PQCservice llc, that can be considered illegal, abusive, obscene, offensive, carrying a threat to life or violation of the lethal Legislation. PQCservice llc reserves the right to determine which Material falls under the above categories, and also has the right to modify this document at any time. All clients of PQCservice llc are responsible for the content according to this provision, all staff of clients must be notified of that. Services of the PQCservice llc are provided for legal use only. Any storage of information, its transfer and illegal distribution, that violates federal laws or the provisions of the Federal Law or Laws of the United States at any level, is strictly prohibited. All materials are protected by Copyright law and trade secret.

Clients of PQCservice llc are responsible for providing PQCservice llc accurate and reliable information about their payments and changes that may occur with such information. PQCservice llc uses the client's information in the case of signing a contract and so on. Providing false or inaccurate information leads to immediate termination of the contract and can lead to criminal and civil liability. The customer is responsible for the correct use of his account when using PQCservice llc. Regardless of who is using the service, the owner of the account is responsible for any actions. PQCservice Llc reserves the right to terminate the contract with any customer, whose activities may seem or be unlawful.

PQCservice llc strictly abides by the Digital Copyright Act (DCMA) 17 USC ยง 512. Any breach by any client will result to immediate notification and the requirement for immediate actions. If the client does not respond in a timely manner, the material that is objectionable, is blocked and added to the filter. Any violations or misuse of e-mail leads to termination of PQCservice llc. services. Actions that fall under the category of abuse when using email.
Sending unsolicited materials known as "spam";
Dispatch of unwanted promotional materials by third parties, known as "spam advertising";
Removing, tampering with or changing the email header;
Send large-scale emails containing voluminous files for intentional overflow of a mailbox known as mailbombing;
The client must configure the mail server in accordance with the recommendations of technical support of the PQCservice llc in order to avoid receiving dangerous and malicious third-party emails.

Child pornography
The storage and distribution of any visual images, including photos and video materials, that is strictly enforced by law and entails criminal liability.

Illegal activities
Any activity that is deemed to violate any state or federal law that exists in the PQCservice llc network, results to immediate termination of service in PQCservice llc. Customers can not store or transfer any materials that violate any laws or regulations.
Clients are prohibited from using PQCservice llc services for any illegal activities, including, phishing, networked DoS or DDoS, hacking, virus spreading, spamming, marketing pyramids' schemes and any other illegal activities designated by federal, state or local laws. PQCservice llc reserves the right to terminate the operation of any client whom it considers to be involved in such activities.

PQCservice llc will also prevent any abuse of PQCservice llc network resources by any client whose activity may adversely affect other PQCservice llc clients.
Customers will be held and consider responsible for correct establishing of secure configuration for services through the PQCservice llc. The customer may be liable for any damage that results due to their negligence, exposure or vulnerability, regardless of whether his actions are deemed intentional or not.

The client is responsible for any information that is transmitted using any of the service formats of PQCservice llc. PQCservice llc does not regularly monitor the content of the website, but it can delete content because of repeated complaints, warning PQCservice llc about content that it considers undesirable.
Due to the desire of PQCservice llc to maintain a positive reputation and protect its brand name and image, PQCservice llc reserves the right to terminate customer service as a result of any complaint received from any other customer who, to his opinion, is illegal or infringes rights of such a customer.
Any violation of this AUP is strictly prohibited and any failure of the PQCservice llc to detect any violation of this AUP is not a waiver of the rights of the PQCservice llc.

All users who violate AUP PQCservice llc or any provision of this policy may be liable and incur fees (including attorney's fees and other legal costs) for expenses incurred by PQCservice llc in defense of themselves against third-party claims relating to any content on the website. Regardless of who created the content on the customer's website.

We are not lawyers, and we strongly advise you to seek assistance from a lawyer in deciding how to respond to DMCA complaints or how to properly handle them. Below the presented situations simplify the behavior, in case of occurrence of similar situations.

Regardless of whether you own content or not, you have received a notification that someone else claims that it belongs to him. The first step is to remove the content from your site until the matter is resolved. Unfortunately, there is no other way to do with this. Regardless of whether you are an initial or pop store or a large corporation, if someone claims that you are violating their materials, you will need to remove it from your site until the situation is resolved. After sending you a notification of such violation, we will give you 48 hours to clear the material, otherwise we will do it for you.

Just let us know that you have deleted it, and we will contact the claimimg team to let them know that the data has been deleted and the case is solved.

You will want to file a counter-notification to state that the data in question is your property, and you think that it should not be removed.

If the content belongs to you and should not be deleted, you need to send a counter notification to the group sending the deletion notification. The notification should contain the following information:
Your Contact Details
Identification of content deletion (including any necessary links or screenshots)
A statement under penalty of perjury that you honestly believe that the content was deleted by mistake
A statement that agrees with the jurisdiction of your local US federal district court or, if not in the US, the US Federal District Court in any jurisdiction.
Your signature

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a US copyright law that implements the two 1996 agreements of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It criminalizes the production and distribution of technologies, devices or services designed to bypass measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to works protected by copyright.

PQCservice llc is dedicated to the privacy of our customers and makes every effort to ensure the security of all our information. Please keep in mind that PQCservice llc can update this privacy policy. Customers will be notified of any changes in this provision. Any questions, suggestions, complaints or comments about this privacy policy should be sent to [email protected]
Collection and use of information

PQCservice llc requests information from the customer in the order forms. The requested information includes personal information, such as name and address, as well as financial information, such as credit card information. This information is used solely for the purpose of billing.

A cookie is a piece of data that is stored on the client's hard drive and contains information about the user. Information is not associated with any personal identification information.

PQCservice llc collects IP addresses for trend analysis, site administration, tracking of users' traffic, and collecting broad demographic information. This information is not related to the personal identification of the customer.

PQCservice provides links to other websites, but does not give any guarantees about the privacy policies of these websites.

Sometimes PQCservice llc requests information about clients for use in surveys and competitions. Such information may include contact information and personal information about you. Contact information is used to notify the winners, and personal information is used in the processes of improving the use of the site for you.

PQCservice llc has a support system in which customers can send personal data in the form of a ticket to solve any problems that may occure. Information provided through this system is stored in PQCservice llc. These data are used exclusively for analysis and solving the client's problem.

PQCservice llc informs customers about the purpose for which it collects and uses personal information. PQCservice llc also informs the client of any disclosure of its personal information to a third party. The client has the ability to restrict the use of any personal information.

PQCservice provides its customers with the opportunity to refuse disclosure of their personal information to a third party or use personal information in any other ways than that it was originally indicated.

PQCservice llc always takes measures and solutions to ensure the security of personal data of customers and the loss of this information. When a client sends confidential information, it is protected both online and offline from PQCservice llc. Any questions concerning the security of PQCservice llc should be directed to: [email protected]

PQCservice llc uses information collected only for its respective and intended purpose. With any change in the use of collected personal information, PQCservice informs its customers and obtains their approval before making such changes to the use of collected personal information.

PQCservice llc provides customers with access, as required by law, to their personal information to confirm that it is correct, or to change or delete inaccurate information. If the client needs to correct, update or delete the personal information provided by PQCservice llc, the client should contact PQCservice llc at: [email protected]
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